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Our experts hold advanced degrees in computer science, engineering, tax and accounting and have held senior positions with "Big 4" accounting firms and some of the largest engineering firms in Canada. Our team has extensive experience in SR&ED, Engineering, Information Technology and Tax. Our specialty is risk-free end-to-end Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED) consulting services. Our team of engineers, computer scientists, accountants, and tax practitioners have the expertise required to understand the issues and challenges you face. To help optimize and support your claims, we provide extensive technical, financial, tax, industry and regulatory experience, including working with the CRA. We also offer R&D consulting services for US and UK R&D claims and consult in the fields of engineering and information technology.

Jamie Dowd, BSc., ITIL
Chief Executive Officer

One of the most exciting aspects of being a technology and government incentives consulting professional is to be part of an initiative that in effect cultivates growth, competitiveness and the increased success of technology companies across North America so they can focus on the things that they want to do. Companies often experience difficulty and frustration in securing government funding that is vital to the success of their business. From the perspective of the government agencies who administer these funding programs, they too can be challenged in working with companies who may not be as organized or compliant as is expected or required. We know that no single approach is right for every situation. Clients of CrossDynamix can rest assured that our deep knowledge of policy, process, and the law is provided to champion the relationships with the government agencies who are the ultimate gatekeepers of these crucial incentives and grants. I was compelled to found CrossDynamix as a team of professionals who have always put the best interests of its clients first and I appreciate the opportunity to work closely with developers, engineers, financial managers, executives and industry leaders who are passionate about innovating in both business and technology.

Jamie Dowd is a government incentives and Information Technology expert with a BSc. in Computer Science from Brandon University. Jamie has over 10 years experience in government incentives consulting for firms such as MNP and PwC where he held senior level positions, and 22 years of hands on experience in enterprise architecture, custom application development and system integration for the insurance, finance and telecommunications industries.


Jim Kambossos, P. Eng., MASc., LLM.
Chief Technology Officer

My reason for joining Crossdynamix was altruistic; to apply my technical and legal knowledge to help technology companies get the government funding they need to develop and grow. Technological advancements can only be realized by companies who continuously try to find ways to improve their current products and/or processes, innovate or invent new ones. Technology and technological advancement has always inspired and motivated me, and with CrossDynamix, I have the opportunity to share all of my knowledge and experience with clients so they can achieve their goals and receive the government funding they so rightly deserve.

Jim Kambossos is a Chemical Engineer and graduated from the University of Toronto where he is currently pursuing an engineering PhD in Interface Design and Human-Automation Interaction. He also holds a Masters of Law in business law from the University of Toronto. Jim has over 20 years of experience in engineering design working for large firms such as SNC-Lavalin, Bantrel and Worley Parsons. His extensive experience in SR&ED, having worked as a technical consultant with other SR&ED consulting firms, provides valuable expertise preparing and defending SR&ED claims. His combination of engineering, legal and SR&ED experience make his client service capabilities unique as he is able to analyze and understand complex technological details and present them in a manner that is acceptable and understandable to the CRA.


Alexandera Yetman, B.A. (Business Minor)
Business Development & Client Services

Having spent over 15 years establishing and consulting new businesses, I am aware of the passion and drive it takes to succeed. I am also familiar with the challenges faced when developing new ideas, and the importance of having qualified and caring individuals as a part of your support system. I believe in the experience, capability and integrity of the Crossdynamix team, and I hope to introduce passionate and creative individuals to a solid support system, that can assist them in the pursuit of their goals. At CrossDynamix, we provide flexible and reliable solutions and execute on plans that are favourable to our clients.

Alexandera Yetman's combination of arts and business background enables her to recognize obstacles and formulate solutions in a free thinking way. Her entrepreneurial spirit led her to create her own business from the ground up and she has utilized this experience to assist others in a business development role. Alexandera has strengthened her adaptability by working with a variety of people and in diverse environments. Her goal is to share this vast experience to help others to pursue their passions, through ethical, professional, and reliable channels.



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