We are passionate about your technology and care about the success of your business.
You will benefit from our leadership in the form of time and dollar savings.
We feel compelled to share our knowledge of the SR&ED program with you.
We prepare SR&ED claims that are consistent with CRA's policy and expectations.
We can expertly guide you through the CRA's dispute resolution process.
We rigorously defend your SR&ED claims to ensure you receive the ITCs you are entitled to by law.
We work with you to develop lasting value-generating strategies.
Many claimants are leaving larger providers in order to enjoy lower fees and keep more of their hard earned SR&ED dollars.

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We are the champions of your relationships with government agencies, the ultimate gatekeepers of incentives and grants.


The Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) Program is a federal tax incentive program designed to encourage Canadian businesses of all sizes and in all sectors to conduct research and development (R&D) in Canada.

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We use our vast experience in technology and deep understanding of policy, process, and the law to facilitate an efficient SR&ED claim preparation process.


Our team has been successful where other SR&ED providers have not because we focus on developing strong relationships with CRA representatives.


We develop arguments in the context of policy and the law so that a previously denied SR&ED claim can be reviewed and approved by a CRA appeals officer.


If your Notice of Objection is unsuccessful, CrossDynamix can facilitate appeals to the Tax Court of Canada and negotitate settlements on a cost-effective basis.

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Our team will always put your company and its best interests first.

How We Deliver


We gather and examine all aspects of company projects and supporting information in order to identify eligible activities and expenditures.


We document all rationales for decisions about eligibility so that we can clearly explain the aspects of a SR&ED claim, supported by policy and the law.


We meticulously develop a work product that is consistent with the expectations of the CRA auditors and SR&ED program administrators.

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You will save up to 50% on SR&ED consulting costs because our low overhead operational model enables us to pass these savings directly on to you.

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SR&ED can be claimed by you for work performed in-house. It can also be claimed for work performed, in Canada, on your behalf by an arm’s length 3rd party.

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SR&ED Filing Deadline

First time SR&ED claimants are not always cognizant of the fact that if you miss a SR&ED filing deadline you lose the tax credits.


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